Special Transport

Special Transport
We have special transport team to serve machine shipment. Only a dedicated and highly skilled team that is able to provide varieties of machine sizes and smoothly deliver the special shipment to major sea ports in the world.

Special Transport Team Member
James Cheng – president .with more than 40 years experience in oog shipment
Kevin Huang - GM.with more than 30 years experience in oog shipment
Eva Lin & Kate Huang - OP manager.with more than 25 years experience in oog operation.
Totally,we have more than 40 years experiences in the special transportation.

We are good in
Open top container.
Flat rack – oog(out of gauge).
BB -break bulk shipment in containerized vessel.

For on line question/answer regarding the over-sized shipment, please email to:

Kevin Huang
Vice GM
Tommy Cheng
Ocean Route Manager
Kate Huang
Near-Sea Route Manager
Eva Lin